• Timely Reminders is a computer program that helps students to remember facts and information

  • The principle of this program is that it is better to review important information before it is forgotten than it is to forget it and spend time learning it again.  Timely Reminders organises this process easily.

  • It helps to organise the reinforcement and revision of any information so that it is transferred into automatic long-term memory

  • It helps the user to recall the facts they need to know automatically and efficiently (e.g. spellings, definitions and facts for exams)

  • It is flexible and allows input of your own material as text, pictures or sound

  • It can be used in addition to the student's current learning method, whether that is Mind Maps, index cards or revision notes

(There used to be a version of the program called Time to Revise but this is now incorporated into Timely Reminders.)

Timely Reminders has been developed by Jane E Mitchell, lecturer on the practical applications of memory theory and the author of the widely praised Mastering Memory. For over 10 years Jane has used the reviewing programme with her students. She has taught the idea to many professionals, often with excellent results.

Timely Reminders is useful for people of all ages. Students find it invaluable to help them tackle the mountain of learning that is necessary. Adults can use it to develop their memory skills and ensure important facts are not forgotten.

Only the key facts, or information you want to have at your finger-tips need to go into the Timely Reminders program. In an exam, if you can recall the facts easily you can concentrate on applying them or writing a well constructed answer. If all your mental energy is used trying hard to remember the information that you have learned you will not get good results.

Timely Reminders allows the student to enter as many different subjects as he or she requires and an unlimited number of questions and answers. If preferred, a reference to a diagram or page of notes can be entered, so the system can be used in conjunction with the student's preferred learning method. It is flexible and motivating.

Timely Reminders is based on the research by Ebbinghaus and others that says that as much as 80% of information learned is forgotten within a day (unless it is of particular personal interest). Authors such as Tony Buzan and Alan Baddeley explain a reviewing system in which facts that are important are reviewed

5 mins,
1 day,
1 week,
1 month,
3 months,
6 months,
and 1 year

after first teaching them. The principle of this program is that it is better to review important information before it is forgotten and keep it in long-term memory rather than learning facts or procedures, forgetting them and subsequently needing to spend more time relearning them. Timely Reminders organises this process easily.

This program requires Windows® 95/98/2000/XP/Vista. The program stores information on the computer on which it is run and hard disk memory requirements will depend on the the amount of this information. Information can be imported/exported (with a memory stick / CD) so it can be transferred between computers or home and school.

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