9. Adding a Reminder

Reminders for a subject are always created in the Bank. The Bank is where the Reminders are stored before being learned, and before being added to the Reviewing System. The Bank is like a filing box.

To create Reminders choose the subject into which they will be filed. Highlight the chosen Subject - “Subject 1” in this example - and press “View Bank” to add Reminders for this Subject.

The Bank of Reminders screen is shown below. The selected subject, “Subject 1” in this example, is shown in the top box.

In the bottom box is the space where the Reminders are shown. As yet none has been entered.

To add a Reminder press “Add”.

The screen on the following page will be shown.

Type your question and answer into the Question and Answer boxes. The computer does not check the answer, this is deliberate and needs to be done by the user, as human judgement is more flexible than that of the computer.

You can move from the Question box to the Answer box by pressing the Tab key on the Keyboard or by clicking into the Answer box with the mouse. To move back to the Question box, press Shift-Tab or click on it with the mouse.

If a question or answer requires an accent or other symbol click on the required item (see French and other symbols).

After adding the question and answer click on “OK”.

The Bank of Reminders will appear. The first line of the question is shown in the large box below the subject. Questions are shown in the order in which they were entered. This is called the “input order”. There is an option to alter the order in which the Reminders are shown by clicking on the button marked “Alphabetical”. To return to the original sequence click on “Input Order”.

To continue adding further Reminders to the same subject press “Add” and follow the preceding sequence.

When appropriate it is possible to add a Reference rather than a Question and Answer.

When you have finished press “OK”.

Examples of references might be:

  • Page 36 of Physics text book
  • Mind Map of third topic in History.
  • The diagram of the heart on card 23 of revision cards.
  • Check I can still remember the sequence/procedure for…

When you see this reference in the future you will simply go to the appropriate information source and review the information shown there.

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