13. Reviewing the Reminders - Day 1

The Reminders screen is shown with “Subject 1” as the main Subject.

“Question 1” is shown but the answer is hidden. This is your opportunity to try and remember the answer. If you can remember the answer this will strengthen your memory of it.

When you have remembered the answer (or not as the case may be), press “Show Answer”.

The answer is now shown.

If you did not remember it correctly you will need to learn it again. The Reminder can be returned to the Bank by pressing on the “Return to Bank” button. The Reminder will stay in the Bank until it is learned again and moved back into the Reminders system.

Click on “Continue” to get the next Reminder.

If “Continue” is highlighted with a red box around it you can press the spacebar to continue. Timely Reminders is set up to allow you to go through all your Reminders just by pressing the spacebar.

In the example below “Reference 1” is shown. This was a reference to other work such as a page in a text book, a Mind Map or a diagram drawn on a revision card.

After “Continue” is pressed, Timely Reminders shows “Question 1” again. When it gets to the end of the Reminders, Timely Reminders loops back to the beginning. This allows you to look through all the Reminders before testing yourself on any particular question.

If you choose to do “Question 1”, write down the answer and then press “Show Answer”. Judge whether your answer matches that on screen.

At the top right of the screen a red box with the word “New” indicates that this is a new Reminder. The buttons shown on the right hand side of the screen show the intervals at which reviewing should take place. Click on a button to choose when to be reminded again. In this example the status of the Reminder is “New” and it is likely that the “1 day” button would be chosen in most cases if the answer was judged correct.

If you press “1 day”, the Reminder will disappear from the screen and will be shown in 1 day's time (i.e. the next day).

When only one Reminder remains the “Continue” and “Go Back” buttons are removed from the screen.

When no Reminders remain the screen indicates this with a message.

Be careful to note that this means no Reminders for the subject “Subject 1” - there may well be Reminders for other subjects.

  • To view or create other Subjects with Reminders, press “View Subjects”.

  • To create more Reminders for this subject, press “View Bank”.

  • Otherwise, press “Exit” to leave Timely Reminders.

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