19. Printing

Four options are given when the “Print” button is selected from the Subjects screen.

Printing “Questions only” means that a paper test can be generated, since the answers will not be printed out.

Printing the “Questions and Answers” means that the answers can be used to mark a paper test or, alternatively, a printed back up can be made of the questions and answers.

Notice that as “Demonstration” is highlighted the print will be for “Demonstration” only. If other subjects had been required a printout for each individual subject could have been obtained by selecting it or, by selecting “All”, a printout for all subjects could have been obtained.

If you leave “Questions only” selected and click on the “Next” button you will see page 2 of the “Print Reminders” wizard, which gives three options.

Printing “Today's Reminders” will print the Reminders for today for “Demonstration”. The questions and not the answers will be printed because that option was selected in Page 1 of the “Print Reminders” wizard.

Click on “Print”.

The effect of selecting “Print” is to create a text file that contains the questions for today. The text file is saved in the sub-directory to which Timely Reminders was installed. The default is c:\Program Files\CALSC\Timely Reminders. The name of the text file is the subject name – Demonstration - followed by the date. This naming convention is used whether you are printing “Today's Reminders”, “Tomorrow's Reminders” or “All Reminders”.

The text file is then loaded into whichever wordprocessor you have associated with *.txt files. In this example, the relevant word processor is Notepad, which ships with Windows.

Only “Question 3” is shown in the file in this example because “Question 4” is still in the Bank and “Question 2” and “Question 1” have already been moved on to tomorrow and the next day.

A print out of this file is not made at this point because you may need to attach a printer or switch it on. When you are ready, select File-Print from the menu and the file will be printed out.

Close the text file by selecting File-Exit from the menu. Note that the text file is not deleted.

If you select the “Print” button again and choose “Questions only” and select the “Next” button page 2 of the print wizard will appear again.

If you select “Tomorrow's Reminders” and click on the “Print” button, the screen will look like this.

This time “Question 2”, which was moved on 1 day and is due to be shown tomorrow, is included in the printout.

“Question 3” is included because this reminder has not yet been reviewed today and either returned to the Bank or moved on 1 day. If it had been moved on one day (which is what we recommend for “New” questions), in fact it would still appear tomorrow.

The purpose of providing a “Print Tomorrow's Reminders” option is to enable teachers who wish to prepare a day in advance of a lesson to print out the questions (or questions and answers) at the time when they do their preparation.

If you click on the “Print” button and select “Questions only” and “All Reminders” you will produce a text file like the one shown below.

It can be seen that “Question 1” (which was moved on 2 days and is therefore not due to be shown today or tomorrow) is printed out. In fact all questions, regardless of how many days they have been moved on, are printed out under this option.

The one exception to this is that questions that are in the Bank are not printed out. This highlights the fact that the Bank is used as a store for questions that have not yet been learned. It would not therefore be appropriate to include them in a paper test.

Selecting “Print”, “Questions and Answers” gives similar results to those described for “Questions only”.

Above is shown the result of printing “All” questions and answers for the “Demonstration” subject.

If there is more than one subject, it is possible to print “Questions” or “Questions and Answers” for all the subjects by selecting “All” from the subjects menu. The questions and answers are then printed in Subject order (alphabetical) and, within each subject, in order of when they are next due to appear.

By clicking on the “Print” button and then “Subject headings only” a print out of all the subject headings without the questions and answers can be obtained.

The screen shown above has the code “trs:” in the line above the subject heading “Demonstration”.

The purpose of this option will become more apparent in the chapter on importing and exporting questions and answers. Briefly, “trs:” is code which tells Timely Reminders that what appears on the following line is a subject heading when questions and answers are imported from a pre-prepared text file.

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