15. Adding further Subjects

The main Subjects screen is shown, with “Subject 1” as the only subject heading so far entered.

You may want to set up further subjects, e.g. “Subject 2”.

Click on the “Add” button to do this.

Type in “Subject 2” and then press the “OK” button.

“Subject 2” is now set up. Notice that “All” now appears in the list of subjects. This can be highlighted by clicking on it once or by using the arrow keys to move the highlight bar up and down the list of subjects.

If “All” is highlighted and you click on “Review Reminders” then all the Reminders for all subjects will be shown.

If “All” is highlighted and you click on “View Bank” you will be able to see the Reminders but you will not be able to edit them or create new Reminders. In order to edit a Reminder or create a new one you must highlight the relevant subject and press “View Bank” rather than use “All” subjects.

If you want to set up new Reminders for “Subject 2” then highlight it with the cursor or the arrow keys and then click on “View Bank”.

Guidance on how to create new Reminders in the Bank was provided earlier.

Remember to return tomorrow to quickly review the Reminders you set up today.

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