12. Moving Reminders

Once Reminders have been added to the Bank of Reminders they will stay here until they are transferred to the Reviewing system. In other words, whilst they are in the Bank you will not be reminded of them.

The Bank can be used to write and store any number of Reminders. Once a particular Reminder has been learned, by what ever method is appropriate or necessary, then it should be added to the Timely Reminders reviewing system.

To move a Reminder into the Timely Reminders system:
Highlight it;
Press “Move from Bank”.

After pressing “Move from Bank” the Reminder that was highlighted will be transferred to the Timely Reminders system. In the example below it has disappeared from the Bank.

Note that in the picture below the additional help “Move from the Bank to the Reviewing System” is obtained by hovering over a button, in this case the “Move from Bank” button, for a few moments.

If you continue this procedure eventually no Reminders will remain in the Bank.

Press “Review Reminders” to view the Reminders in the Timely Reminders system.

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