11. Including pictures and sounds in a Reminder

It is possible to show pictures and play sounds with either or both the question and answer. The pictures and sounds must be produced first using a program other than Timely Reminders. For example, a picture might be scanned using a scanner and a sound might be recorded into your computer. Alternatively, you might be able to use pictures from a clipart or photo library.

Look back two pages to the last screenshot illustrating the creation of a Reminder. The third button down on the right hand side is labelled “Advanced”. Click on this button and the screen will change in the following way.

For the question and the answer it is now possible to browse the pictures and sounds that you have on the computer and select them for inclusion in the Reminder. In the example given a picture of the DNA molecule has been stored in a folder called “Media” within the Timely Reminders folder. The browse button has been used to select the picture of DNA to be shown in both the question and the answer. At other times you might want to use different pictures for the question and the answer.

The following screenshot shows what the Reminder looks like when it is viewed in the Reminders screen.

In the next screenshot you can see that a spelling Reminder is being added. The question (hidden behind the select audio file box) instructs the user to click on the ear that can be seen and spell the word. The word “football” has been recorded as a “.wav” file and has been saved in the Media folder within the Timely Reminders folder. When the “Open” button is pressed the reference to the “football.wav” is saved in Timely Reminders.

When the Reminder is viewed in the Reminders screen it will appear as follows.

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