1. Improving Long-term Memory and Recall

Timely Reminders is a computer program that is designed to help you review facts and information that have been learned so that they are not forgotten. Like any learning that is worthwhile it requires time and effort but it rewards users with improved knowledge and better recall of their chosen subject. This is necessary for anyone who learns something and yet can’t remember it the next week, or knows a fact but does not have it at his/her fingertips and cannot recall it fast enough to use it automatically.

Timely Reminders ensures that whatever has been taught or learned is securely fixed in the mind of the user. It organizes revision, ensures facts are fixed in long-term memory, and can be used for any subject or information. Facts learned in this way are easy to recall.

The user or lecturer/teacher/tutor/therapist has complete flexibility to enter anything: text, pictures, or the spoken word. Some people find it easier to use the pre-prepared files of specific subject content.

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