8. Adding a Subject

When you go into the Subjects screen for the very first time the screen will be blank.

In order to set up a new Subject press the “Add” button.

Timely Reminders will then present a blank box into which you can type the name of the Subject that you want to set up as shown on the next page.

This example has been called “Subject 1” but it could have been Definitions, Accountancy, Law, Difficult Spellings, French Vocabulary or any topic desired.

Having entered the Subject name, press the “OK” button.

The subject that has just been set up - “Subject 1” in this example - is now shown on the Subjects Screen.

The “Modify” and “Delete” buttons are available on the screen but only when one or more subjects are present.

N.B. it is necessary to highlight the subject you want in the Subjects screen before you go on to add Reminders for it. A subject is normally highlighted when its background is blue (the Microsoft default colour for highlighting).

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