7. Adding a User

The first screen shown in Timely Reminders is the Users screen. When you go into the program for the very first time the Users screen will be blank. Click on the “Add” button to add a new user.

Type in the user’s name and, if you wish, a password. The password is not compulsory but will protect your files from access by other users.

The new user’s name appears within the screen and can be selected by clicking on it with the mouse. Other buttons also appear that allow you to modify or delete a user’s name. If you delete a user’s name this will delete everything to do with that user (i.e. all the Reminders created and analysis of results) so be careful before you do this.

At the top right of the page is a button that allows you to view Subjects for the user that is highlighted. Click on the “View Subjects” button in order to add new subjects or view the available Subjects for the user.

The user needs to enter his/her password (if applicable) before the Subjects screen is shown. (This will always be the Subjects screen for that particular user.)

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