14. Reviewing the Reminders - Day 2

If yesterday you set up a new subject - “Subject 1” - added two questions and moved them on 1 day, when you load Timely Reminders today the Subjects screen will look like this.

Notice that the “Review Reminders” button is underlined. This means that there are Reminders to review.

Click on the “Review Reminders” button.

At the top of the screen is written “Subject 1”. “Question 1” is shown as the question. Try to remember the answer.

It is best to write down the answer, if this is what you will be doing usually, as this reinforces the kinaesthetic-motor pattern. This is a useful way of helping to make the memory of the answer (especially for spellings or languages) more automatic and faster. It does not take long especially if your memory for the items included in the system has become faster. However, if you want to work through the questions very quickly you could just say the answer out-loud.

The button “Show Answer” has a red box around. Click on this button with the mouse or press the spacebar to show the answer.

“Answer 1” is shown as the answer. In the red box at the top right of the screen is shown “1 day”. The button below the “1 day” button is “2 days”.

If you did not remember the answer exactly, you would click on the “Return to Bank” button at the bottom left of the screen. This places the Reminder back in the Bank where it will stay until you relearn it and move it back out of the Bank again.

If you prefer to relearn the question at this point (preferably using a better method than previously) then you can click on the “1 day” button to see the Reminder again tomorrow.

If you correctly remembered the answer, you would click on the “2 days button”.

When you click on the “2 days” button the Reminder (i.e. “Question 1” and “Answer 1”) disappear from the screen. That Reminder will be shown again in 2 days time.

The remaining Reminder “Reference 1” is shown.

As there is no answer to this, the “Show Answer” button is not shown.

As there are no further Reminders to review, the “Continue” and “Back” buttons are not shown.

You would now go to “Reference 1” and check your memory of it. If you cannot remember the information in “Reference 1” then click on “Return to Bank”.

If you have remembered it correctly then, as “1 day” is showing in the red box, click on the “2 days” button to move the Reminder forward 2 days.

There are no further Reminders to review today, as indicated by the screen.

However, so far you have only reviewed Reminders for today. If you want to enter new Reminders about things that you have learned today, click on the “View Subjects” button.

It is advisable to enter only a few Reminders each day to introduce yourself gradually to the program and to prove that it helps. Similarly, only do a few important or difficult subjects to start with. As you become more confident the quantity entered can increase.

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