22. Exporting Reminders to a text file

Questions and answers can also be exported to a text file.

Return to the Subjects screen and highlight “All”. Then click on the “Export” button. Click on the down arrow next to “Save as type” and select the “Text Files” option. Then click on “Save” to save the file as “Reena Pastakia All.txt” on the “a: drive”. Reena Pastakia is the student’s name in this example.

Use your wordprocessor to open the “Reena Pastakia All.txt” file and it should open up as shown overleaf.

The “Reena Pastakia All.txt” file contains all the questions and answers for both the “French” and “Science” subjects.

Just after each “trq:” is written the status of the question in terms of whether it is in the Bank or has been moved on 1 day, 2 days etc.

The status of a question will be respected on import as well. In other words, if “2 days” appears after a question then it will automatically be moved on 2 days at the time of import. If you are importing questions produced by someone else you should delete all the occurrences of “1 day”, “2 days” etc. so that the questions are imported into the Bank ready for use.

In some cases, several people may be using Timely Reminders on the same computer, for example, at home. Alternatively, in education, several students may be using the same computer and learning the same questions. In this case, rather than typing out the same questions and answers several times, the text file can be used to import the questions and answers into different people's sections.

Note that if further questions are to be added and imported then questions that have already been imported should be deleted from the text file. If they are not deleted then duplicate questions will be produced.

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