6. Installing the program

Put the CD-ROM into the drive. The CD should run automatically the first time. Follow the questions on screen regarding the licence. If for any reason the automatic set-up does not run, select “Run” from the Start menu and use the “Browse” button to find and run the “Setup.exe” file on the CD. The Start menu is found by clicking on the “Start” button at the bottom left of the screen in Microsoft Windows. To run Timely Reminders click the icon on your desktop or select Programs: CALSC: Timely Reminders.

The first time that you run the program you will be prompted to enter your user name and serial number. These are unique to you and are supplied when you purchase the program. They are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as given. If you ever remove the program from one computer and reinstall it on another machine you will need to re-enter the same user name and serial number. Serial numbers allowing an upgrade from single-user licence to network are obtainable from CALSC. The CD-ROM must be in the drive for editing to take place with a single-user license.

At installation some computers ask for a second disk to be inserted in order to install a file called cab3. Ignore this message and continue with the installation or start again.

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