17. Editing Reminders

This sequence shows what to do if there is a spelling mistake or other error that you want to edit.

Editing can be done at any time after the Reminder has been created. The editing can be done by the user or by any other person who knows the password.

To modify the question or answer for any Reminder, click on the “Modify” button.

The spelling mistakes can be corrected and any other necessary modifications made.

Note that when the “Modify” button is pressed, the text “How do I spel 40?” is all highlighted. If you start typing whilst the text is all highlighted it will all be replaced by the new text you type. To avoid this, click on the highlighted text with the mouse to remove the highlighting and place the cursor wherever you want to make the modifications.

Click on the “OK” button to finish making modifications.

The answer can be modified to be correct in the same way.

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