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What type of questions and answers are input into Timely Reminders?

  • Questions and answers should address key aspects of a syllabus or work topic which it is fundamental that students / users should learn and have at their fingertips.

  • Alternatively, the program can be used to review a set of clearly defined facts such foreign language vocabulary or spellings which are learned over a period of time.

  • It is not intended that questions and answers on an entire topic should be put into the program. Reviewing everything would be too time-consuming and might mean that the student fails to distinguish between key elements and peripheral information.

Who makes up the questions?

  • A student / adult can make up questions and answers from directly within the program. Identifying key points from the syllabus - and making up questions and answers on them - is an excellent way to review work shortly after it has been done. It also brings the student closer to being able to study independently.

  • Many people use the program to improve their memory recall for spellings.

  • A tutor can make up a series of key questions and answers in a text file using Notepad or Wordpad. Individual students import the questions into the program. This is an efficient way to ensure that students focus on key information, as determined by the tutor. Students can add any additional questions that they wish. The text file can be updated by the tutor and reused each year.

  • Several users can compile key questions and answers in a text file. The combined text file of questions and answers is imported by each person into the program. Working together builds team working skills and enables Users to complete the work efficiently and learn from those who have strong study skills.

Where can the program be used?

  • At work, in college, at a study club or in a library provided there is access to a computer. Anywhere a user has access to a personal laptop.

  • At home, when it might be part of a daily revision routine to enter a few new questions and answers into the reviewing system and review previous questions and answers scheduled for the particular day.

When should the program be used?

  • On a daily basis, if there is access to a computer at work, college or at home.

  • On a weekly basis during a particular lesson.

  • If a user does not go into the program on a particular day, the questions and answers will be stored and presented the next time the student goes into the program.

Can pictures and sound be entered into Timely Reminders?

  • Yes, picture and sound files can be attached to either or both a question and answer.

  • For example, a sound file might be attached to a question that requires a word to be listened to, spelled and compared to the correct answer.

  • A scanned-in picture might be attached to an answer if the question was to draw a diagram in Biology, for example.

Can foreign language characters easily be entered if a student is using the program to review foreign language vocabulary?

  • Yes, a facility exists to input easily foreign language characters when composing a question and answer.



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