The Timely Reminders program (not for Apple Mac)

A description, price list and order form for Timely Reminders is available here.

For other enquiries please call CALSC on 01797 361553. 

 See the bottom of this page for instructions on Running Timely Reminders after it has been installed.


The manual will be available with the program but you can also read the manual before you make a purchase. 

To download a pdf file of the manual click here  and select "Save" to save a copy of the file onto your computer.

After saving the file, double click it to open it up in pdf format. You can then either read it on screen or print it by clicking File | Print. The manual is approximately 80 pages long.

Online manual
Alternatively, an online manual is provided on this website here.
Running Timely Reminders
When the program has been installed two things occur that enable you to run it:
1   An icon that looks like a yellow "R" is placed on your desktop
2   Timely Reminders is placed as a menu item that can be located from the start menu.

To use the "R" icon on the desktop, double click it to run the program.  The first time you run it you will be asked to enter your name and serial number.

To run the program from the start menu:
1   Click the start button
2   Hover your mouse over the "All Programs" menu item
3   Hover your mouse over the CALSC menu item on the sub-menu that appears
4   Click the Timely Reminders menu item on the sub-sub menu that appears.

N.B. The CALSC menu also contains a sub-menu item that allows you to uninstall the program if you wish.


Quick Guide to Getting Started with Timely Reminders

Adding a user

When Timely Reminders first loads you will see the Users screen. Click on the Add button and add your name. You can enter a password if you wish but we do not normally recommend this if you will be the only user. Click the OK button. You can add as many users as you wish.

Adding a subject

Click on the View Subjects button to enter the Subject screen. Click the Add button and enter the name of a subject. For practice try entering "Me". Click the OK button.

Making up questions and answers

Timely Reminders helps you to remember important information that you have learned. Click on the View Bank button. This takes you to the Bank where you enter the information that you want to remember.  It is stored here until you want to begin revising it.

In the Bank, click the Add button. You are presented with a question and answer box. For practice, enter "What is my name?" in the question box and enter your name in the answer box. You may want to use the drop down list at the bottom left of the screen if your name contains characters not shown on the keyboard. Click the OK button (top right of the screen) to finish.

Click the Add button to enter a second question. Enter "Where do I live" in the question box and enter the place where you live in the answer box. Click on the OK button to finish.

Read the online manual if you wish to enter pictures and sounds.

Your questions and answers (which we call Reminders) will stay in the Bank until you choose to revise them. Even if you do no more, spending time making up questions and answers is itself very valuable to the learning process.  It helps you to process the information in a different way and that will help you to make sense of it and to remember it.

Reviewing your Reminders

To move your two questions into the reviewing process click on the "Move from Bank" button and each question will disappear from the Bank. Then click on the Review Reminders button. In the Review Reminders screen you can use the Continue and Go Back buttons to move between your Reminders. You do not need to type in the answer. Just read the question and either say the answer to yourself or write it down. Then click on the Show Answer button to see whether you got it right or not. Click continue to go on to the next question. 

Moving the questions forward to be reviewed again later

When you are comfortable that you need do no further work on a Reminder that day, click on one of the buttons marked 1 Day, 2 Days etc that are down the right hand side of the screen. The Reminder will disappear from the screen. We suggest that if the red box above the yellow buttons says "New" that you move the reminder on 1 Day. When you go into the program the following day the Reminder will be presented again to see whether you can still remember it. If you can remember it you can then move it on 2 days and so on. (Obviously these particular questions do not need reviewing but there will be other facts you wish to remember as easily).  If you cannot remember a Reminder, this is your chance to relearn the information and, we suggest, move it on one day or move it back to the Bank to await relearning on another occasion.

Timely Reminders is a powerful program because it uses the reviewing principle to help you remember information. This principle says that your memory will stay strong if you go over information after you have learned it. It is suggested that this is done after 1 day, then 2 days, then 1 week and so on. When you go into Timely Reminders it will present you with the Reminders that you need to see that day plus others that may have been left from a previous day. By carefully managing what you are asked to review each day, the process is kept efficient and your memory is kept strong.

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